My Classroom

4th Grade Classroom 2016-2017
I am staying in fourth grade this year but am moving to a new room. I stuck with the same color scheme and theme for this year.

Overview of the whole classroom.

The walkway into the room includes a closet, the calendar, and student folders.

Continuing around the corner to the sink and cabinets.

Back of the room and computers.

Guided reading table and shelf.

Other side of the room  and library.

Front of the room.

My desk area.


4th Grade Classroom 2015-2016
I got moved to fourth grade which means out of a nice. new portable and into an older classroom. The classroom wasn't like the portable at all. It was an odd shape and had a weird smell (lol). However, it has all came together and I couldn't be happier. I stuck with my pink and navy nautical theme. Enjoy!

The view from the door.

The walkway into the room includes a closet, the calendar, and student folders.

Coming around to the left of the room is a sink with cabinets

As we continue to the left wall, I have my guided reading table and computers. 


Here is the right side or front of the room. 
I currently have the students in groups of four with each group having their own shelf. 

This is were my Marzano Scales will go.

File cabinet before & after. 

Last but not least... my desk area. 

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2nd/3rd Grade Classroom 2014-2015
I am so excited about my classroom this year. It took a while for it to get to where it is today, but I truly love it. I decided to do a pink and navy nautical theme. I switched schools after three years. I am in a "new" portable this year which was completely a blank slate when I arrived. I didn't even get all my furniture until about 2 weeks ago! I had meet the teacher with all my stuff hidden in the bathroom because all we had were student desks and chairs! Anyways... here are some pictures of my classroom this year!

Basic overview of the whole classroom

Anchor Words (Word Wall) and Common Board


Back of the room

Ship Shape Work (Where I hang up all the students work)

Guided Reading table, student folders, rules, rewards and consequences

Calendar and my desk area

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  1. Where did you get your calendar from and I LOVE the garland above the door!

  2. Thanks!

    The calendar itself can be bought at Oriental Trading - Gray Chevron Bulletin Board Chart.

    The months and days came from School Girl Style - Pink & Navy Nautical Theme.

  3. Your room is super cute!! Love your colors!