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Hi! My name is Kate Russell and I am currently teaching fourth grade in Orlando, Florida. This will be my sixth year teaching and I have taught second, third, and fourth grade. I teach at a Title 1 school with a large ELL population. My school is a STEM school and I have found my love for science! I love doing hands-on science activities with my students. I love anything nautical and the theme of my room is pink and blue nautical.  You can see pictures of my classroom HERE!  I looped up with my third graders to fourth grade last year, so this year I am excited to get a new group of kids.

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I have a great boyfriend husband named Josh. We got married in November 2015.

We have two adorable black lab mixes named Penelope and Lacey. Penelope is seven now and Lacey is six.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Kate

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