Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One-Pager (Native Americans)

We have started doing One-Pagers in my class and it has been a huge hit!

After a week long study of Native Americans, my students got to pick between different tribes and complete a One-Pager. The students used their notes to help them. Their notes came from different texts, videos, and online research.

Since our unit was completed, I thought a One-Pager was the perfect fit. It is a great strategy to see what they learned and if they can identify the critical content about their tribe.

For this One-Pager the students had to include:
1. a title
2. a picture of something important to the tribe or a tribe member
3. 2 questions and 2 answers about their tribe
4. 1-2 facts

This is a great strategy for ELL's and ESE students as well. More than half my class is ELL and I have 5 ESE students. It was great to see these students come to life while creating their One-Pager!

I was so impressed by what they had come up with. The students loved doing the activity and I think it was a great way to end a unit.

It also hit on some great Marzano elements (#6 and #12).

Here are some great examples of their One-Pagers!


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