Saturday, January 9, 2016

STEM Day- Weathering and Erosion

At the end of every 9 weeks, my class participates in a STEM activity that includes things we have been working on during that quarter. For the first 9 weeks, we did a Weathering and Erosion STEM activity.  The whole day was dedicated to this STEM activity. The kids had a blast and was overall a great experience. It really helped hammer in what we had been working on. 

On my TpT page, I have included the lesson plan I followed (with Marzano elements embedded) and a PowerPoint & Smart Notebook. The PowerPoint and Smart Notebook guide you through the lesson (so you aren't reading from a lesson plan the whole time) but also let's the students have access to what they need to see during the lesson. I created a Smart Notebook and a PowerPoint so everyone could use it (depending on what your school offers).  There is also an additional PowerPoint that includes information on weathering, erosion, and deposition. 

We started the experiment by brainstorming what weathering and erosion is. We watch a video on weathering and erosion and cleared up any misconceptions. As we moved forward, students had to design a way to stop erosion on a beach. They had many different materials to choose from and worked together in their groups to come up with their designs. Overall, the kids had a great time and it was a great way to end the 9 weeks. You can get the whole lesson plan and digital resources on my TpT.

*I did this with my fourth graders. However, it can be done with 2-5 if students have the basic background knowledge. I have included some slides and resources for background knowledge in the lesson plan.

Here are some pictures of my class working on the STEM activity!

First they worked on designing their ideas and then building them. After they completed the test, they were able to re-design and change up their original ideas to be more successful. 

- Kate

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