Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back to School - Fourth Grade Classroom 2015-2016

Since I was moved to fourth grade, I got moved into a building (no longer a new portable). My new fourth grade room is oddly shaped and did not have the furniture my portable did so it was kind of a challenge to get everything set up. However, after a few days I am officially finished. I stuck with my theme from last year, pink and navy nautical. Enjoy!

Here are some before pictures!

The BIG Reveal - My 2015-2016 Fourth Grade Classroom!

The view from the door.

The walkway into the room includes a closet, the calendar, and student folders.

Coming around to the left of the room is a sink with cabinets. 

As we continue to the left wall, I have my guided reading table and computers. 

Now onto the back wall. 

I updated this and here I will put my center chart. 

Here is the right side or front of the room. 
I currently have the students in groups of four with each group having their own shelf. 

This is were my Marzano Scales will go.

Here is where I will hang all their work.

Last but not least... my desk area. 


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