Wednesday, July 8, 2015

$ target dollar section $

Wow, Target's dollar section is on point this month! Everything I got was either $1 or $3 and you can't beat that!

I went shopping yesterday and found so many amazing goodies for my classroom.
Take a look and see!

This is probably one of the best finds. It will be perfect for Open House.

I got a burlap banner with pink burlap letter stickers to make a welcome banner for Open House.

I got a bunch of erasers because it seems like my students eat them! I got 8 packs of the regular ones and a pack of adorable owls and cool cars. 

I got these adorable name plates (can be used as name tents) and they come with a ruler on it - SCORE!

Another favorite- dry erase labels! The ideas are endless with these babies!

Another great option for sentence strips - dry erase! 

I also got a bunch of pencils and even some cute mechanical pencils. 

Lastly, I got four pocket charts. I would have liked a color besides orange but that is all my Target had. 

Go check out your local Target and see what goodies you can find in the dollar section! 


  1. Ooh, great post. I could definitely use those Dry Erase Labels for my notebooks to separate them from each other. I just hope my target has them in stock. Fingers crossed!! :)

    1. I hope you can find them! I am super excited for what Target has to offer this year!