Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Moving On Up.....

So, I am moving up to fourth grade!
This blog has been Anchoring Down in Second, Third, and now Fourth Grade!
I am going to be looping up with my third graders so it should be fun. I have never taught fourth grade but I am excited for this new adventure.

In honor of moving on up, I created a new product for myself and my TpT.
I hate having my standards on 12 different pages so I created all the 4th grade LAFS and MAFS on 4 pages (2 back to back). I color coordinated it and it will be so much easier to read and find the standard I am looking for. I added the complexity level as well!

Here is a preview of what it looks like.

You can find the product HERE!

Friday, July 3, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge: Week 3

I am so late posting this week. I have been so busy with online PD classes but I have finished my masterpiece for this week.

I had been working on Science Fusion vocabulary cards and I finally finished them. They are specific to 4th grade but can really be used in 2-5. I think they look really good and I am excited for how it turned out! You can check out my product HERE.

Check out my masterpiece HERE


Go ahead and check out what other teachers have done for this week! 


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-- Kate