Monday, June 22, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge: Week 2

Week 1 of the TpT Seller Challenge is over and now it is on to Week 2! Week 1 was a lot of fun. I redid one of my best selling products.

Week 2 is all about dreams - Dare to Dream.

I was super excited about this week's challenge. Here are my hopes and dreams for my TpT business!

Pay Off Our Wedding- Josh and I are getting married in November 2015. We are paying for the entire wedding ourselves. Our goal is to have the entire thing paid off before the wedding. I am hoping that TpT can help us do that. 

Travel- I love to travel. I grew up in a household with a teacher and we always traveled during the summer. Josh and I are continuing that with each other. We want to travel to Europe especially. 

Debt- While we do not have much debt, we do have car payments and my student loans. My goal is to get my car paid off and all my student loans. We would be much happier without these large payments each month!

Save- Josh and I have a new house but we want to save money for some home improvements. There are some must haves we want to do in this house. We do not have kids yet and I am not sure if I would want to stay home permanently once we do, but I would love the option. 


Check out my fellow blogger's dreams!  

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-- Kate


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - how exciting!! Best of luck to you in your marriage and TpT dreams!!
    Kickin' It With Class

  2. I can definitely feel for you when it comes to paying for w wedding! My husband and I paid for ours while we were finishing up college and we refused to take out any loans to cover it. Debt is just not fun. Good luck with the planning and paying for your wedding! Best wished!

    The Chalkboard Garden

    1. Thanks Kayla! We are definitely trying to follow in your foot steps and not have any loans for the wedding.

  3. Great post! We have some similar goals and life things going on right now-an upcoming fall wedding being one of them! Good luck!

  4. You have some great dreams. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Best of luck to you and your future husband!

    Third Grade Whimsy