Sunday, May 10, 2015

Review Activity- Brain Dump (Run to the Board)

I have been meaning to write this post for a long time but have been so busy! All of our standardized testing is complete. My third graders had to take Reading FSA, Math FSA, Good Cause Exams, IOWA Reading (2 days), IOWA Math (3 days), and IOWA Science. We all finally have a chance to breathe.

I saw this activity on Pinterest and knew I had to try it. In Science, we had been working on Classifying Plants. I used this activity has a review before they took their test.  Here is a quick little video sample (the rest of the pictures and more videos are below)!

You will see in the video how the activity works but I will give an overview. I split the class into two teams. They stood in lines. On the board I wrote what they were going to be reviewing (Classifying Plants) and spilt the board into two teams. I gave my students five minutes to do this activity. When it was their turn, they went up to the board and wrote down one thing they knew about classifying plants. Then they quickly passed the marker to the person behind them. They kept doing this until the five minutes was over.  Some wrote vocabulary, examples, definitions, etc. It was basically like a "Brain Dump" of everything they knew about the topic. After the five minutes, we went over what each group had. We put checks by what both groups had, we crossed out what didn't belong, and we discussed. This allowed for such great discussions! Afterwards, my students took their tests. This activity really helped my students scores and they were completely engaged -- bonus!

Here are some pictures and videos of some of the activity!

- Kate

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