Sunday, April 5, 2015

FSA Math Review Day!

Reading FSA is over and I think I am just as relieved as my students. They have worked so hard and are ready for the math portion now. The day before FSA Math, we spent the whole day just doing centers to prepare. I had each student partner with another student in pairs of two. I created 10 centers for standards I felt my students needed the most practice with. The students spent about 20 minutes at each center while I monitored. This was such a great idea because they were able to work on standards we haven't touched explicitly in a long time.

Here are the 10 centers with pictures. My students had a lot of fun and are ready to conquer the last two days of FSA Math!

  • Computers - Students spent their time working on i-Ready.
  • Regrouping (Addition) - Students used this game from Lakeshore. There are cards with easy and hard problems. They used the pieces to help regroup then checked their answers on paper. It really helped to remind them how important regrouping is.

  • Regrouping (Subtraction) - Same as above but with subtraction. :)

  • Fractions - Students loved this center. They rolled a dice and that number was their denominator. They drew a shape and partitioned it. They rolled the dice again and it was their numerator. They shaded in the correct part. They wrote their fraction and then compared their fraction with their partner (<, >, =).

  • Smartboard Games - Students competed against each other in two games. One was about regrouping (tens and hundreds) and the other was time (elapsed and telling). These two games were a much needed review for my students.

  • Party Math - This is a game from Lakeshore involving shapes and area/perimeter. Students had questions to answer about a part of a house. They had to identify shapes and determine area and perimeter.

  • Comparing Numbers (<,>,=) - Here students used task cards with numbers and fractions to compare. They had to decide if it was greater than, less than, or equal to.

  • Multiplication/Divison Stamps - Another one of the students favorite games! They got to practice their math facts with stamps.

  • Word Problems - This is probably what most of my students dread (two-step word problems). I try to make it as fun as possible for them. They had task cards with two-step word problems to create and solve. When they were finished, they were able to create their own word problems and have their partner solve it.

  • Area and Perimeter - Another center to practice area and perimeter. Students had task cards to solve.

*I really think the day of centers helped my students feel more prepared for FSA Math!