Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Plum Planner

I was in the market for a new planner. I have tried many planners and was never truly happy with anything. My first two years of teaching I used an Erin Condren Teacher Planner. I felt like it wasn't worth the money each year because most of the planner I didn't use. My district makes us have all lesson plans in a specific format and uploaded online. Therefore the pages for lesson plans were ultimately useless for me. My third year of teaching I decided to just make my own planner in a binder. This worked out really well for me. I only printed out the pages I wanted and was really organized. I just didn't like having something so bulky. Then my fourth year (this year) I heard about the Teacher Anchor and it seemed really great for what I wanted. Unfortunately, I didn't use it like I thought I would. There were once again so many pages I didn't use and it just wasn't a perfect fit. By December, I was back to using a binder but still searching for the perfect planner.  I have finally found it - Plum Paper! *Pictures of my Plum Planner below!*

My Plum Paper planner is the Family Planner. Plum Paper has a Teacher Planner but it wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted something that I could use for both personal life and work life. The Family Planner sounded like the perfect option for me. Since I was ordering this so late in the school year, I made it a 15 month planner so I will be able to use it for the remaining part of this school year and next school year (it ends July 2016). I chose to have the planner start May 2015 because I saw how long it can take to be printed and shipped. However, it came fairly quickly and I want to use it now!! I will make another post after I start to use it more in depth in May.

The Family Planner has 7 daily sections that can be customizable. I used this for personal life and work life. My 7 sections include Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Centers, Personal, and blank for whatever I want to use this section for. This is truly the perfect option for me. I can put all of my work things in here and I jot down the standard for that day for my own personal use. I can then add my own things going on and have an extra section for working out or anything I want. It also includes a Weekly Checklist and a Notes section. These will be helpful for getting things on track or if I have a parent conference or data meeting.

The Family Planner also includes a Contacts page and Holidays page. In addition, each month has 2 lined Notes pages. There is also a blank Notes page at the beginning and at the end of the planner. With everything stated above, the planner cost $35. The cost is great for what you get. I added additional things to my planner to make it work for me (this school year and next). I added 10 pages of Extra Checklist pages. These full pages will be used for homework, permission slips, attendance, etc. I added 30 pages of Extra Notes lined pages. These are going to be used for PLC, DP, Data Meetings, etc. I added additional months to make it a 15 month planner. Lastly, I added a Monthly Bill Tracker for each month. My add ons and the cost of the original planner made my total $56 after shipping. I felt like this was a great deal for what I was getting.

Now let's get to the good part - pictures!

*Plum Paper can be found on etsy and I am not being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


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