Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Area and Perimeter Activity with Cheez-Its!

Third grade has been a whirlwind to the say the least! However, things are settling down and the learning continues. We are currently working on area and perimeter in math. After a week of reviewing both, I decided to do an activity using Cheez-Its. My third graders were ecstatic to use food in our math lesson. I gave the students the worksheet I created with shapes of different sizes. The students used Cheez-Its to find the perimeter and area of each shape.

This activity aligns with CCSS - MD.C.5, MD.C.5.A, MD.C.5.B, MD.C.3.6, MD.C.3.7, MD.C.3.7.A, MD.C.3.7.B, MD.C.3.7.C, MD.C.3.7.D and Florida Standard - MAFS.3.MD.4.8.

You can find the worksheet on my Teachers Pay Teachers HERE!

Here are some pictures the students doing the activity!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
- Kate

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