Saturday, November 1, 2014

Water Cycle Song - What is Evaporation?

As a continuation of the Water Cycle, we did a hands-on inquiry about evaporation. It is a similar process to what we did with the soil experiment. The experiment is really in the kids hands with a little guidance from me.

You can read how my class completed the lesson and listen to them sing the water cycle song!

I started out by asking, What is Evaporation? The groups brainstormed ideas and started to sing the water cycle song to help them answer the question. I recorded them singing the water cycle song. It was so cute! You can see how I focused on the water cycle with a foldable and the lyrics to the song here!

The kids really remembered the song and it helped them with the experiment!

After we reviewed the water cycle song whole group, we went back to the inquiry. We reviewed the steps of an investigation and came up with questions - What is evaporation and how does it work?The students were given a measuring cup, a container without a lid, and a container with a lid. Next, it was time for our hypothesis. I let the students come up with their own hypothesis. I wanted to see what they predicted without any help from me. I had students share their hypothesis with their groups. They had to explain what would happen to the water and why. Some students used that information to change their hypotheses while others defended their thoughts.

The students were directed to pick an amount of water for each cup. We discussed why it was important that each container have the same amount of water. The groups filled their containers and then decided the best place in the classroom with sun. We checked the water 2 days later and the students found out how evaporation really worked. They understood how the sun was making the water in the container without a lid disappear.

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