Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hands-on Science Inquiry- Sink the Boat

This is my first year at a STEM school and I must say... I love it! I love all the hands-on science experiments I can complete with my kids. In my previous years, science fell to the wayside. It is nice to have it in the forefront here. This has probably been the best hands-on experiment my class has completed thus far. They loved it! 

Pictures of the inquiry lesson are below. See how my class completed the lesson!

This week we start working on properties of matter. One of the properties is buoyancy. My class completed an inquiry called Sink the Boat. 

First, they had to design a boat with their foil. They had to discuss with their partners how they wanted to build their boat first. They were told to try to make the best boat they could. The goal was for it to hold a lot of pennies! After they made their boat with their partner, they drew it in their journals. Next, they made their hypothesis of how many pennies they thought the boat would hold. After that, they put their boats in water and started adding their pennies. They tallied the pennies in their journals as they added them. There were some boats that only held 5 pennies and some held over 30! It made for great conversation as to why some boats held more than others.

Here are some pictures from the actual inquiry lesson - Enjoy!

- Kate

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