Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hands-On Science Inquiry - Root Beer Float (solids, liquids, gases)

This science inquiry has been the best thus far! My students were engaged, they learned so much, and my principal did an observation during it...which turned out wonderfully! We have been learning about solids, liquids, and gases. It is easy for my kids to identify solids and liquids but gases are harder. So, we decided to make a root beer float and identify the three states of matter. I had students group in their groups of 4, but every students had root beer and made their own root beer float. I wrote up my lesson plan that I used for this lesson (with Marzano elements embedded) and posted it on my TpT! The lesson plan I posted includes everything I did with my students. It has videos, steps, materials, extensions, etc. My version of the handout is also included in the download. It really helped my students understand what they were seeing. 

Here are some pictures of the inquiry! You can see how engaged the students were. It was a tad bit messy having each group do the ice cream and root beer themselves, but I wanted it to be 100% hands-on!

Like I said before, you can get the lesson plan for the inquiry and my handout on my Teachers Pay Teachers!

- Kate

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  1. this will be a PERFECT WRAP UP FOR MY MATTER UNIT :) thanks!