Monday, November 3, 2014

Hands-On Inquiry - How Does the Sun Heat the Earth?

We have been learning all about weather and temperature.  We did whole group hands-on inquiry lesson regarding temperature. It focused on how the sun can heat water, soil, and the air differently.

Pictures of the inquiry lesson are below. See how my class completed the lesson!

First, we reviewed how we measure temperature. We discussed thermometers and how to read them.
We reviewed the steps of an investigation and came up with questions - How does soil get hot? Is water hotter than sand? How does the sun heat the Earth? Next, it was time for our hypothesis. I let the students come up with their own hypothesis. I wanted to see what they predicted without any help from me. I had students share their hypothesis with their groups. They had to explain what they thought would be the hottest after one day... soil, water, or air. Some students used that information to change their hypotheses while others defended their thoughts. Lastly, I asked students to think how we could figure out how to test out our questions.

We used a flip chart from our Science Fusion book which discussed how to test the experiment. We had water in a cup and soil in a cup. We recorded the temperature of each thermometer before we began to make sure they were the same. Then we added the thermometers to the 2 cups and put them in the sun and then outside. We took the temperature again and recorded it. We waited a day and then checked our results. The students were surprised by the results. Only one group had their hypotheses proven.

Here are some pictures from the actual inquiry lesson - Enjoy!

I love to see my kids excited about science. You can really see how much they enjoy the hands-on inquiry lessons!

- Kate

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